The BloemFunTown-Story

Keeping up with the music scene in the fun Free State city called Bloemfontein!! Bloemfontein is poetically known as the “city of roses” – blooming with musical talent.  BloemFunTown: Music Blog and Platform is dedicated to transform the music scene into a culture of music phenomena.


This fun and informal blog provides the platform for local musicians in Bloemfontein to tell their compelling stories – in the form of interviews or video interviews. We will give you a full coverage on behind the scenes footage! The platform also provides the opportunity for musicians to interact directly with the fans through vine-type videos.


BloemFunTown: Music Blog and Platform creates the opportunity for Bloemfontein musicians to engage with their fans on a whole new multi-medium.. We will keep the public posted on the new singles, albums and music videos of respective local musicians. This interactive platform specialises in a unique way; promoting music artists and their products in the city of blooming roses.


BloemFunTown: Music Blog and Platform provides all the important information front and center, such as live performances of local to well-known musicians. A well compact gig guide is set out to keep you posted on all upcoming music events and performances in and around Bloemfontein. Please keep us posted on new events and upcoming gigs.