Bad Peter and Park Acoustics

BP 1-W-2The folk rock duo Bad Peter, made up of PG Badenhorst and Alwyn Bekker, will be performing live at Park Acoustics on the 31th of March on the Pringles Main Stage! We had a quick chat with them :)

Where does the name “Bad Peter” come from?
It’s a combination of PG’s surname which is BADenhorst and Alwyn’s middle name Petrus that we just changed to the English version Peter.

What has been your favourite gig for 2018/2019 so far?
It would definitely be the show we played at the PUK Amphi Theatre for the welcoming of the first years to NWU University.  It’s such a cool venue and the students were really part of the show in a special way.

Park Acoustics is a pivotal venue to play at. Are there new songs to look forward to since last time you played here?
It is a pivotal venue indeed.  Henk and his team created an amazing platform for local artists and it’s just the best vibe ever.  There are some new songs to look forward to since the last time we played here.  Can’t wait to start playing and sharing new songs.

What can we expect from Bad Peter in 2019?
We’re always working towards touring more and new places and this year will be no different.  We’re also writing like crazy and heading back into studio later this year to record the new material, which we are super amped about.

Tell us about your Oppi Koppi gig. What did you expect and what was the reaction like?
What an amazing experience!!  Not sure what we expected from the crowd per se, but we definitely expected ourselves to leave everything on that stage.  It was really cool seeing people rocking up for our set and jamming to our songs.  It’s something so surreal when a big audience gets into your set and your songs like that.

You’ve acquired a lot of popularity recently and at a quick pace. What do you feel gets people grooving to your music?
It’s really good to hear that we’ve acquired a lot of popularity haha.  We always try to push ourselves more musically, to work hard at writing better and more honest songs, playing better shows and hoping that, that gets us moving forward and reaching new people.  What gets people grooving to our music?  Not really sure but we’d have to guess that it’s a combination of when we succeed at sitting in the so called musical “pocket” (where people can’t do anything else but move) and people relating to our songs in their own personal way.


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