We refer to human safe keeFrontping in different forms… be it emotional, physical comfort or a certain place or haven where you can rest your head and thoughts cutting out the angst you left behind. This is the meaning of the word Querencia being described shortly. It’s also the part in a bullring where the bull takes its stand and both definitions of the Latin word welds together to demonstrate a well structured peace of mind.

Locally we’re about to adapt to a different meaning to the word, thanks to Jules Terea and the bassist of Cape Town gem, Southern Wild’s Alex Smillie who thought it to be a peachy idea expanding their duo project into a solid five piece line-up and to emerge as the band called BRYNN. Only a short while after the fusion they started working on their brand new record, Querencia that breathes the breath of life this March supported by a post and pre-album launch tour and one such show added in the pre-launch tour is something anyone with a mind set to leaving a footprint into the both equally rushed and adrenalized wonderful music scene, is a show opening for one of the biggest influential bands on the globe, Incubus!

The South African band from the south has had come to quick realization that they’re starting to become noticed…

As I’m sipping a hot beverage I cannot mention due to advertisement reasons, I’m gracefully running through their debut album that has been baptized with the  name similar to the track that grabs my attention the most. Like so many great songs that has seen the light of day, the track musically takes you through a proverbial journey, almost like flying on huge dog named Falkor… or maybe a luckdragon. None the less, Querencia finishes to a neat and tidy end that follows a climate of a
vocally complimented instrumental piece.

The band has featured on SABC’s Espresso morning show performing the above mentioned track and also About Time, the opening track of the album and it’s well mesmerized with Hezron Chetty’s violin that features first-hand the idea of what BRYNN aimed with this album. Such clarity! Being quite the sucker for melodically written acoustic folk as I proudly am, I cannot go without mentioning Cotton Mind. Jules truly dominates his vocal ability by acquiring all types of colouring diversity that he can in this mellowed-out tune. Just sit back and enjoy this one…

For me, this album combines rock and folk together in a way that these two genres cannot compliment each other enough and BRYNN has definitely given it a lot of their focus, skill and passion as it’s very broad throughout listening through it. For people loving to discover new music, look within our borders and you’ll be super surprised thanks to these guys!

Querencia is out now on your favourite digital music platform worldwide. Go check it out!

Here is a performance of one of their favourite tracks from their new album Querencia for Balcony TV:



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