Celebrate Park Acoustic’s 100th Birthday with The Narrow

11230661_10159081168450551_5459025267971403685_oWe had a quick chat with Emile de Jong of The Narrow just before their Fired-Up summer tour. They will be ending their tour at Park Acoustic’s 100th birthday party on the 1st of December.

Tell us about your upcoming tour?
We’re very excited about our “Fired-Up” summer tour. We’ll be taking it all over SA. From Joburg to Cape Town to Nelspuit and Pretoria.

How do you stay relevant as a rock band after 17 years?
We’ve never tried to follow a trend or sound like someone else. Obviously big influences from other artists that you can find in our songs. The great thing about moving into this stage of a band life is that, well first of you’re still playing shows and making music. But secondly your supporters are also growing with you and they still want to hear those old hits at a show and rock out like its 2003! After 17 years we’ve learned once again that following the trend your always behind the eight ball. You need to set the trend. Make an impact with your music not just try and keep up.

Can you tell us more about your latest album? How did you guys grow as a band from your first album until now?
Good question. We’ve learned so much. I mean what makes a good song really? You need to put you heart and soul into it. People need to feel you not just hear you. And don’t take yourself to seriously. Fame is a farce. You’ve been given a gift as a musician. So, use it. Music is not who you are but it’s a tool you can use to bring joy and even hope to people lives. Your music will outlast you… so make it worth listening to.

Out of all the international acts that you’ve played with, which of them is your favourite?
Each band member will pick someone else I’m sure but for me its Underoath. The first show we played with them in Durban changed our band forever. We realized there and then were the bar was set and we needed to up our game especially live shows. But also, Deftones, Inflames and Prodigy are up there.

What musicians influenced you throughout the years?
Wow where to start? The guitarist that made me pick up the guitar, and one of best musicians in SA is Floors Oosthuizen. Then Johnny Fourie. Oom Johny was one of the best ever but not so well know. He was my guitar teacher at Tech. Tom morello, Wes Borland, Brian Welch, Matt Bellamy, Dave Grohl, John Mayer and the list goes on…

What is your favourite cover songs to play?
Living Daylights and I Feel You really works live.

What can fans expect of you at Park Acoustics the 1st of December?
They can expect that we’ll leave it all on stage. We won’t hold back. We really want to put on a great show at Park Acoustics this year. So warm up your vocal cords! I think there’s going to be a lot of singing along and top of your lungs shouting!

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