Fokof Bar Opening

Photo credit: Elana Baker
Photo credit: Elana Barker

You can buy yourself a Fokof beer from almost all of the mayor liquor stores in South Africa and enjoy it as far and wide as your liberty can take you. It’s 100% malt and true to the Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. Looking at the short history of this lager you cannot help to think of how big the wider perspective around it is. The statement, the music, the progression and the impact it had and still has on the spirited juggernauts that brought this model to life… FOKOF!

In a brief moment I find myself overwhelmed without realizing that I’m enjoying the fullest of full ‘FOKOF Experiences’. Having a cold one fresh from the tap while indulging in the modesty and humbleness of one of the founders of this massive spectrum, Jonny De Ridder is something you can’t have the honour of doing every now and then let alone at the VIP opening of the highly anticipated FOKOF Bar! As I’m chatting to Jonny I notice the path that was endured to reach this pivotal point of having an actual bar opening received with massive accolades and all while the history of it is showcased behind him on the wall full of portraits and stories of how they got to this point. This is undoubtedly in my top five nicest beers I’ve ever had.

Let’s rewind to about an hour earlier… Wynand Myburg jumps on one of the tables, only as good as a Fokofpolisiekar bassist could to announce they’ll be doing a private acoustic gig soon. This opening couldn’t get any better than belting out ‘Dis hemel op die platteland!’ at the top your lungs at one of Pretoria’s soon to be biggest hang-outs without exception.

Francois Van Coke has always been a busy individual both on stage and off of it and you surely cannot look past the relieving certitude that he’s one of the most collected and friendliest of people you’ll meet and surely ages like good wine. When asked why exactly Pretoria, it’s without a doubt he answers “…most of our fans are situated here…” and the statement is met with great pride and down-to-earthness.

Fokofpolisiekar has given us great music and lyrics and to so many even a cause to live for. They’ve given us relentless great shows going hand in hand with great parties. They’ve given us a beverage of delight and now they’ve given us the Fokof Bar and it’s pretty much almost mandatory to have a Fokof Lager at this very venue.

The bar has opened for public on the 2nd of February at 12pm in Lynwood Road, Menlo Park and Die Bende has had an intense and busy weekend from Friday hosting while also DJ’ing their favourite tunes. To top off and end in fashionable manor Fokofpolisiekar played to a sold Park Acoustics in Pretoria right before hosting an after party once again at the bar that’s quickly acquiring a renowned and will do so for many weekend’s (and weekdays for you pub-lunchers) to come!

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