Get to know Georgetown


We had a quick chat with local boys of Georgetown ahead of Park Acoustics on spring day!!!

Tell us about Georgetown? Who are you guys?
Ag you know, we’re just your average Bluebilly folk pop outfit from Rooihuiskraal. We enjoy creating, composing and arranging all sorts of southern styles of Americana and Africana into a mashup of profound confusion and bliss.

How did your band start?
It all started in this Rastafarian bar in George Town on the island of Penang. It was one of those unofficial open mic type evenings where we jam to songs not knowing any of the lyrics, melody or chords. After the 3rd song we decided we’d have to start doing this professionally and that’s when we setup our first band meeting at a local driving range in Centurion. The rest is a blur…

You released your debut album “The Dog Show” last year. What feedback did you expect after the release of the album? Did you received the feedback you were expecting?
We only wanted the album to be a betterment of our EP “Banana Jack”, and by selling out the album launch at Attebury Theatre and being nominated for a SAMA award, I would say we’ve definitely outdone ourselves!

There is no general message that we want to put out there with this album. We would rather like to see each song as an individual short story that every listener can convey in their own way.

You are an independent multi-instrumental Blue-Billy-Folk-Pop band. What are the challenges of having ten instruments in a band of four guys?
Compiling set list that flow can be a challenge when it comes to switching instruments often. Airports are often stressful challenging places.

You recently came back from a Europe tour. Share some of your Europe tour experiences with us?
We kept a journal on Instagram and Facebook of the whole thing, go and check it out! Words can’t really describe our experience.

How do the crowds in Europe differ from the fans back home?
They really talk funny.

What are your future plans? (Maybe a second album?)
Future plans are definitely to write more music. We spent a weekend in studio recently to work on a new single which should be out soon and are very excited about that.

Catch Georgetown on the 1st of September at Park Acoustics in Pretoria!
Park Acoustics in partnership with Pringles proudly presents our spring edition with the legendary Karen Zoid along with Mr Cat & the Jackal, George Town, Jackal and the Wind, Little Ringo and Half ‘n Half!!


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