Going solo with Jamie-Lee Sexton

Jamie-Lee-Sexton-2Jamie-Lee Sexton, described as the ‘small town girl with the BIG dreams’, mesmerizes her audiences with her powerful vocals and versatility as an artist. Her overall music career as the founder of The Sextons in 2014 and re-branding herself as solo artist in 2017, has been a magical journey. In September 2017, she released her debut single as solo-artist, called Magic, and since then she had her fans begging for more.

Jamie-Lee kicks off her National Summer Tour in Bloemfontein on the 6th of December. BloemFunTown caught up with Jamie-lee for a quick chat about her debut single, her solo-career and what it’s like being a true-hearted musician in South Africa.

1. After three successful years, you decided to part with your band, The Sextons. Why did you decide to go solo, even though the band was doing so well?

I decided to go solo to pursue my own personal goals and to achieve greater success with my new sound. It is about reinventing myself as an artist.

2. You previously mentioned that your solo EP, Magic, features songs that stem from personal stories and life experiences that you would like to share with the world. Tell us more about this as well as your debut single. What is the inspiration behind Magic?

My EP, Magic, is a compilation of fresh ideas, life stories and feel good music. Magic was inspired by the magic of life that I experience every day. People inspired this song! The song is my musical translation of how I envisioned magic since a child up until today.

3. Why did you choose to work with the SAMA Award-winning Producer, Crighton Goodwill, during the production of your EP?

I absolutely loved his energy, his work ethic, and his ability to understand and elevate the creative side of me.  This combination sealed the deal for me on my debut single – Magic.

4. At the age of four you started singing; and you’re also a self-taught Guitarist and Pianist from your adolescence. Have you known from a young age that you want to become a musician, or was there a time in your life that you wanted to pursue something else in life?

I have always known from a very young age that I would be a performer. I simultaneously pursued both music and acting, so I guess my road always led to live performance. I have also thought about being a vet a couple of times, but that feeling didn’t last too long.

5. What is the main difference for you between being in a band and following a solo-career? And what are the main challenges of these two respectively?

Having a solo career makes everything more focused on the music and on my creative ideas and therefore I have the ability to take and elevate the music to the next level. Challenges come with every industry but I prefer to always look at the positive with regards to this move and my career.

6. What are you most excited about going on this tour?

Playing in cities that I haven’t played in before, meeting new people along the way and having the opportunity to perform for almost 3 weeks in a row. This is definitely a dream come true.

7. The South African music scene has always proven to be one not taken lightly. What would you say is the most challenging part of being a musician in the South African music industry?

Breaking into the industry is a little tough in the beginning and creating meaningful relationships is not always easy but with persistence you can achieve everything!

8.   From Jingles in Studio to International and National Festivals, you are described as a voracious and versatile artist. Which festival, international or national, was the highlight of your career?

There are so many in mind but the one that stands out for me has to be Oppikoppi 2016 – Main stage. The energy was explosive, the crowd was loving the music and I had a blast!

9. You love G & T’s, are a little obsessed with good music, hanging out at the Bowls club, art, cooking, pranks, tequila, Frank Ocean and creating playlists. Which song would you choose as a theme song for your life?

Year of the cat, by Al Stewart.

10.  How would you describe your solo project music if you had only three words to do so?

Exciting, Fresh & Extraordinary.

11. In 2015 you said the following on the Expresso show: “Dream big or don’t do it at all”.  What is the biggest dream you have for your solo-career?

I see myself performing at Madison Square Garden ( New York City) , this is my ultimate dream and one that I am working towards each and every day.

Get your copy of Magic today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/magic-single/id1277021416?ls=1&app=itunes 


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