Having Cows in studio…

Having Cows, Bloemfontein’s one and only ‘Indie-on-the-Go’ band, were put on this earth for one reason – to make people dance like nobody is watching :)

Having Cows are all about spreading the love of music. That is why they are back in the studio, spreading some more love during the process of recording their new single, “Heedlessness”. The song is about fading love whom everyone can relate to.

#don’t try this at home.


13325439_1029892113766431_8957023340549188524_n13332800_1031058556983120_7074139351307372560_nThis song will really make you jump up and start dancing to the beat of watertight sounds mixed together by the young and talented producers of Crooked House Records,  Jean Fourie and Pieter Greyling. Needless to say, one of the best record companies in the city of roses.


The blokes of Having Cows certainly had a great time in the house of crookedness, giving their all and enjoying a nice cold beer at the end of day…


Ralf Swart (Singer/Songwriter): 

“Coming back to Crooked House Records was a feeling of reminiscing come true again! We had a great time with Crooked a couple of years back and it felt like picking up again from there with stronger bonds and more experience from us as a band as we feel we’ve discovered our sound and in what better studio to portray it than Crooked House! Jean Fourie was an absolute master at making us very satisfied with what we’ve heard so far. The combo of him and Pieter Greyling is perfect! This is one we’re really proud of! Check it out!”

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Gavin Coetzer (Slapping the bass):

“I really enjoyed my time in studio. Everything was cool. The studio is a charming place with a lot of character; a rustic place where you can get in the zone. The vibe at Crooked House Records is very professional but also ‘homey’ at the same time, where the producers make you feel at home. The beer afterwards was fun!”

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Koos le Roux (Drummer):

“Studio time was really an awesome experience. It was really fun working with the producers, Jean Fourie and Pieter Greyling. They are very professional and they make the studio time very exciting. Crooked House Records is a very neat place with top quality equipment. I would recommend Crooked House Records any day!”

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Shane Schoonveldt (Clingy riffs):

“The recording with Crooked House Records was my second time ever in studio. I always see these videos of big international bands and huge record labels and was truly surprised to see the quality of equipment, the lay-out as well as the overall atmosphere of Crooked House Records. They should not stand back for any of these international record labels. Jean Fourie and Pieter Greyling know their stuff, gear, tone, mic placement and all the technical stuff I am still trying to figure out. I am very excited to hear the end product! I had an awesome experience and are looking forward working with Crooked House Records again.”

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