Video: Insight on Mr. Cat & the Jackal

I had my very first Mr Cat. & the Jackal experience this past weekend at Park Acoustics. My mind was pretty much blown away.

On the small, very familiar stage, the guys of Mr Ca.t & the Jackal came on the stage setting up multiple instrument for their performance. My eyes wandered, looking at the unique instruments placed in front of us… Some of what I’ve never seen before! The guys started playing with confidence… Yes, so confident like they are doing this band-thing for more than 12 years now! And yes… they are responsible for all the sounds in their songs. A live Mr Cat. & the Jackal show is just an experimental theatrical experience that can’t be described in words. A show where a wonderful circus of sounds are created together by foreign and handmade instruments. I stood there in the crowd with my Scottish whiskey trying to link this theatrical experience in front of me to a definite genre. It is almost impossible!

We are so glad to see Mr Cat. & the Jackal back in action on the stage! Did you also wonder what they’ve been up to the past year?  Do you want to know more about their fourth album that they are busy recording? 


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