Interview: Our Last Night

After a sold out tour in 2017, American postimage001-hardcore giants Our Last Night have announced the dates for their return to South Africa later this year. The tour is proudly brought to you by JamPacked Productions as  part of their plan to raise a million Rand for Rhino Conservation with a series of international tours! How awesome is that?! Tickets for Cape Town’s show is already sold out!

Bloemfuntown Music Blog & Platform chat to Trevor Wentworth from Our Last Night ahead of their tour here in November.

After a sold out tour in early 2017 you guys return to SA with a bang! What was your previous experience of South Africa?

Yeah we are excited to come back for hopefully another completely sold out tour. Our last experience in SA was unbelievable. Way better than we even expected and we can’t wait to come back and do it all again.

We see the Cape Town show is already sold out! It’s Crazy! How do the crowds in Europe differ from the ones here in SA?

Yeah pretty insane! The venues in Europe are a little bit bigger than SA but for the most part I would say SA and EU are VERY VERY similar. Both EU and SA are by FAR my favorite places to tour and play shows in.

What was the very first cover song you did as Our Last Night?

The first cover we did was ‘Skyfall’ by Adele. I believe that was released 5 years ago about.

You have already recorded 6 original albums. What inspires your original material?

So many things inspire the original music… Other artists, movies, personal situations, books, real life events… We can draw in inspiration from so many different outlets to help create our music.

 How did you come up with the name “Our last night”?

Unfortunately there is no cool story here… Long story short, we needed a name for a High School Talent Show, we made a list of about 20 names…. Picked Our Last Night and here we are 16 years later.

You guys tour a lot and visit lots of places around the globe. Any cities/countries you’re particularly excited for during your Fall Tour 2018?

We have been to every place already on this upcoming tour, but I would say the places we are most excited to go back and visit are – Prague, London, Munich and of course ALL of South Africa!

You describe yourself as a totally independent rock band… What are the three most important aspects of being an independent band?

We are a 100% independent band. That means NO label, NO management, NO publicist… Nothing along those lines. OLN functions completely by itself. We do all the work. If you ever see OLN anywhere online it is because we got it there. It is so much work but we love it. I think the three most important things about being an independent band would be – 1.) No one is taking the money that you earn – Labels & managers mostly. 2.) You have full control of everything you want to do. 3.) You aren’t waiting on other people to do a job that never gets done. When we need something done, we get it done. When we were on a record label, a simple task would take weeks, sometimes months to get handled. We have no time for that.

Do you think your music’s originality would’ve stayed the same if you were signed with a record label? And would you sign with a record if you ever got the chance?

I think we would rather breakup than be told what style music to write. Luckily we were never in a situation like that with our past label, although many bands are. No I do not think we would sign with a record label again for a full contract. It is possible that we would sign a deal for certain label services. But I would never give our the writes to our music to a company every again.

Tell us about your Patreon project.

Yes of course. Our Patreon is basically a fan page with different leveled tiers, The higher the tier you go the better / more perks you get. The perks consist of things such as – Weekly livestreams, merch packs, hand written letters, FREE OLN TICKETS FOREVER, monthly phone calls, meet and greets and much more. The fans will pay monthly to receive these perks. Every dollar that we receive from Patreon is put back into the band. We will be using the money for things like – renovations for our new studio, new camera gear, hiring new employees like recording assistants, it will help fund music videos and much much more. You can check out the page at

What is the first thing you do when you guys go back home after a tour?

Hug/kiss my wife and kids and spend as much time with them as possible.

Tour Dates

FRI 09 NOV – Carfax / Newtown / Johannesburg

SAT 10 NOV – Platteland / Centurion / Pretoria

SAT 17 NOV – Mercury Live / Zonnebloem / Cape Town

Tickets available through Webtickets

Limited Phase 1 tickets available at R260 now. Once they are sold out Phase 2 tickets open at a slight increase in price.

Limited VIP tickets available at R650 which incudes access to the VIP room and bar where you will get to meet and hang out OLN and all the local support bands.

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