Latex Grenade back in South Africa

Latex Grenade
Latex Grenade

The rockers from San Diego, Latex Grenade, is back in South Africa for another tour. We are excited to have them back! They play their last show on the 25th of October at the Mercury Live in Cape Town. They will be performing with acts like Springbok Nude Girls, Retro Dizzy and Julia Robert. We had a quick chat with them during their South African tour.

1. You visited SA for the first time in 2018 when you toured with Springbok Nude Girls. How was your previous experience in SA?
Our previous experience was awesome. We played in the major music hubs of SA and overall were very impressed by the amazing hospitality and how genuine the fans were.

2. How do crowds differ in America from the ones here in SA?
I think that the South Africans are more in tune with the local music scenes. It’s a tight knit group and most of the concert goers in SA are very familiar with the majority of the local bands. In America, the scene is so massive and fragmented, the average concert goer is not as aware of the local bands in their own area.

3. You guys already released four albums. What inspires you to write new music?
I grew up very involved in action sports – surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. The adrenaline junky in me inspires me to write music with a similar of energy and thrill.  We envision one listening to our music when they are about to drop in on the steepest mountains on earth while snowboarding or when they are about to paddle out in the final heat at the Corona open at Jbay.

4. What is your latest album The Cage about?
The Cage addresses the current hypocrisies today in American society. There are a lot of upset people and for the first time in my lifetime we are seeing a country that is divided over being different rather than celebrating the things we have in common.

5. What does Latex Grenade mean for those who did not know?
Latex Grenade is a metaphor of our fragile planet. It is a ticking time bomb at the rate this world is going. But then again, people have expressed an alternative meaning referencing that it has to do with a condom. At this point, we want our fans to believe whatever they want to believe!

6. What was the most exciting thing of SA to come back to?
Being a surfer, there are some pretty solid places to surf in this country. We are also very excited to go to Kruger National Park this time around.

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