Lush Festival 2019

41930280_2185829804782067_3152376673798717440_nThis year Lush Fest returned to Clarens with a bang! It is almost impossible to describe our Lush Fest experience using words.

For three consecutive years, Linwood Guest Farm was the home of Lush, where we created crazy memories, made new friends and listened to quality live music while the sun sets in the horizon. When Lush announced that they welcome a brand-new home for this year’s festival, we were at first sceptical! BUT this year we created even more amazing memories and shared adventures with family and friends.

On Noah’s cheese farm we got a scenic experience with a much more comfortable field in what we invested as our home for the weekend with no mud slides created in our tents… It was clean grassy open plains surrounded by classic Clarens landscapes. Upon arrival there was no delay in erecting our tents that soon, unknowingly to us, would be our water parks. Before all the shenanigans though, we got straight to being festival goers. The Tazers’ melodic progressive licks set up a good ‘finally the weekend is here’ tone supported by the most beautiful and peaceful evening of the fest and most probably of the whole week if I can recall well enough.

MK was the last time I saw Shadowclub and what a reunion it was! The prime goal for the front row during the Joburg rock n roll trio’s show was to mosh, and mosh hard… almost as if it was planned at the camping site. From sweaty angry/happy men to the more feminine, from rock n roll to sweet rhythmic house, from Joburg to Cape Town…. Jules! GoodLuck! Yes!

One of my top three acts at LUSH this year (the others I’ll get to in a minute depending on how quick you read). GoodLuck repeated what they did last year and nailed it. Best night of the weekend!

Kim Churchill (Photo: Ralf Swart)
Kim Churchill (Photo: Ralf Swart)

Kim Churchill was met with welcomed Friday sunrays peaking out the clouds as if in turmoil with overcast situations. It messes with your head for a bit but the evening proved to be another dance-off as you approach main stage while singing “what am I gonna do with you…?” as Desmond & The Tutus tears up again. This is where I’m literally obliged to add that the main stage setting is perfectly located and geographically well thought out. From the front of the stage, there’s an even platform where you can get real close to the action and for the late comers it evenly slopes upward as you move more away so you can still have a pretty neat view of what’s going on. Not being very tall, these are the kind of highlights that make your day to such an event 😉

The World of Birds (Photo: Ralf Swart)
The World of Birds (Photo: Ralf Swart)

Saturday afternoon however, everything just went sour and after yet another cringe of wet evening conditions that interfered a night meant for sleep, we thrust ourselves to the festivities happening at the Kraal Bar stage where I got to see one of the coolest energetic and all out happy presentations in the form of The World of Birds. Nicholas Preen deriving from the indie pop suit Al Bairre, features in a crazy lively fashion with The World of Birds. Their music spreads happiness and the stage shines brighter than how it did during the night with strobe effects. And this was during the day! These guys are definitely worth seeing.

Jeremy Loops (Photo: Ralf Swart)
Jeremy Loops (Photo: Ralf Swart)

The complications came about when some of the artists could not enter the festival grounds due to foot-deep mushy roads thanks to the consistent evening rains. Some of the artists had to move to what you can call the B-Stage instead of playing main stage. Just a few frustrating moments later the line-up started trailing with two hours as we waited for Jo Black’s humble appearance, but instead we found him zig-zagging in the camping grounds (it has to be said that he’s the calmest person I’ve ever met under such circumstances, hats off!).

The wait was so worth it though because it gave us time to fill up on drinks at home base along with them good old supplies and then off to main stage again. Jo has an amazing and humbled presence and the sound quality was just soothing, almost like the thought of foamy hot baths waiting back home (the real home).

LUSH, two years ago you were my first and therefore I will stay loyal to the absolute great spirit you inject in us every Easter Weekend. The new venue is beyond perfect and with everything new there will be some growing-pains. The roads were horrendous leaving the festival grounds but it was a beautiful sight seeing fellow strangers literally getting dirty to help each other getting their vehicles out in what seemed at some point an impossible task. The community of surrounding towns and farmers showed absolute class!

With a few twitches here and there, this fest could very well be heading to actual Glastonbury quality and very soon as well.

Do not under any circumstances think of not attending next year because I feel that this festival will return with a massive bang next year. They just know how!



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