Lush presents Kim Churchill

52501618_2219688734818009_3020242370009497600_oSouth Africans might be new to Kim Churchill and so is Kim to South Africa upon his very first visit to our blissful and shiny shores. As soon as you start gaining some volume on his track ‘Window to the Sky’, there is a sudden homey feeling in his music and what connects this vibrant and diverse artist to our South African vibe! All the way from Australia, Kim joins us at this year’s LUSH 4.0 festival and it goes without saying he will be a massive highlight to the line up.

We were able to chat with him while he shares some of his SA expectations and childhood dreams turning into epic reality!

Is this your first time visiting South Africa? What has made the biggest impact on you about SA so far?
It is! I’m very excited to be here. I’ve got a trip planned down to the garden route and have brought a surfboard. Hoping to chase down some of the amazing South African waves I used to have pinned to my walls when I was a kid at home. In terms of impact – I must say I’ve only been here a few hours, so I don’t have much to report on yet. I’ve made friends with a lovely dog at my accommodation whose name is Nancy and enjoyed a South African avocado (which is probably from somewhere else now I think about it). For now, I’m going with Nancy the rescue dog. I’m sure I’ll have much more to report on once I’ve been here a bit longer!

What are you looking forward to the most about playing at LUSH festival?
Well, it’s been quite a few years I’ve known about the festival and I’ve met some awesome people from South Africa in different parts of the world who have suggested I’d love to play it. I’m imagining a whole festival full of such people and that’s pretty exciting. Apparently it’s an amazing vibe. So yeah, I’m gonna go with the people.

What inspires you the most when it comes to songwriting?
Probably my travel to be honest. Going to new places constantly puts me in a position of vulnerability and inevitably leads to learning new things and making mistakes and discovering new parts of who I am. It’s this process I normally write about and its kept fresh through the different scenes and places and cultures in which it happens.

Your music is ideal for the vibe LUSH is renowned for. What can the crowd expect from Kim Churchill at the fest?
Ahh this is good to hear :) I’m bringing my solo show which is what I’m enjoying the most at the moment. It’s a sort of ‘one man band’ affair. Kind of folky but a bit more high energy and psychedelic.

Will you be trying out some of SA’s surfing sites during your visit?
Absolutely! I’m flying to George in the morning and heading straight for Victoria Bay. My goal is to get some smokin’ waves at J Bay after that. Basically giving myself the week to surf and write songs.

Who is your favourite SA artist/band at the moment?
Well, this is a bit cheeky but I’m totally obsessed with a South African surfer at the moment whose name in Mikey February. He’s bringing a style and art to surfing that I’m particularly intrigued by. Honestly, I’d call what he is doing art as much as sport and I’m going with that. I’ve also been really digging Ruby Gill who is living in Australia at the moment and I love her songs!

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