LUSH presents The World of Birds

38423242_2147375695500774_6618584043820679168_oThe wait is almost over for the 4th annual LUSH Festival in Clarens over Easter weekend! Joining us on this year’s main stage is Capetonian band, The World of Birds.

For people who don’t know you, who is “The World of Birds”?
The World Of Birds is a wild life sanctuary and monkey park in Hout Bay. They primarily focus on the care taking of birds and monkeys.

Where does the idea for your name “The World of Birds” come from?
We have no idea, Nic saw it somewhere and really liked the sound of it, so we decided to make it our band name!

Tell us about your debut EP?
Double Happiness! Two singles, “Open Up” & “Having You”! Written and recorded in Pomene, Mozambique. Powered by two solar panels we created a make shift studio in a tropical paradise and I think the general sound of the songs reflect that. We’re currently releasing the second EP now with our first single of that release “In Paradise” having dropped earlier this month!

Can people expect a full-length album from you guys any time soon?
It’s the dream! We’re hoping a string of EP’s attract the attention of someone with pockets to their feet and we go to another cool, new exotic location and write the SAMA winner!

It will not be your first time at LUSH. The last time you performed as Nic Preen and The World Of Birds. What is your expectation of this year’s Lush, playing on the main stage?
Last year was one of the best festival experiences we’ve ever had! We can’t wait to check out the new venue at Noah’s cheese farm and have another crack at the main stage! We’ve spent the past week in Joburg playing some shows and the general audience we’ve interacted with has been excited about this coming weekend! LUSH FESTIVAL is definitely something special. Especially to us!

What was the highlight of last year’s Lush for you?
We jumped on stage for a song with PHFAT and absolutely ruined it.

Who are you excited about to see performing at Lush?
PHFAT! Desmond & The Tutus! Wheatus! Kim Churchill! Youngr! Jeremy Loops! Little Ringo!

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