Exclusive interview: The Amblers

image002We had a quick chat with Justin Swart and Jason Hinch, the band members of the folksy, Blues Rock duo, The Amblers. Bloemfuntown did a review on their debut EP “The Dustling Man” in November 2017. You can also recap on the review: http://www.bloemfuntown.co.za/meet-the-amblers/

1. It should be a sense of pride when bands from within our own border like The Amblers come up with a good product such as The Dustling Man, which is a four-track EP Released earlier this year. What is the main inspiration behind the EP?

Justin: Firstly, thanks so much for having us. It’s such a privilege. Thank you for being interested in what Jason and I are doing with The Amblers. There is no single source of inspiration for us that prompted The Dustling Man, this is why the songs are so varied in relation to what they are saying. Story telling is important for us. Our best and truest stories are those from our own lives and experiences. So the main inspiration behind not just the EP, but our music in general, fundamentally, is story telling.

2. What is the story behind the title of the EP?

Justin: As I have said in previous interviews, its really important to us that people respond from within themselves to the emotions experienced from listening to our music, instead of trying to rely on our message or intention to root or place the story for them. For this reason, we are always cautious to speak to deeply of our own intentions. We never want to mislead anyone. Nonetheless, I’m happy to give a little of my process in the title track of the EP. For me The Dustling Man as a song and title, speaks to the fragility things. As if dust. For the most part the quality of my life and efforts are only as good as the last decision. I am a Dustling Man.

3. How would you describe the sound of the EP?

Jason: The EP is two piece Folky Blues Rock. But don’t let the folky/two piece thing fool you. The EP has tons of guts and leans more towards the blues rock side of things. Huge drum sounds and plenty of tasteful crunch on guitars is the order of the day here.

4. You guys are currently in studio working on a new album. Will the album have the same sound as the EP, or are you bringing something different to the table?

Justin: The “sound” of The Ambers, for now, will remain the same. Dirty, Living… Blues Rock. There will be some more folksy tracks on the new album, but they too will remain distinct. We cant say for sure what the ends result will be though, because we aren’t there yet and we want the whole creative process to remain in the moment and not be hemmed in by a box not of our choosing.

5. You describe yourselves as a ‘Folky Blues Rock duo emerging through the vibrant and diverse music industry of South Africa’. Would you say there is a big market for music like Blues in the SA music scene? How do you experience the ‘blues and rock n roll vibe’ in the SA music scene?

Jason: The Blues community in South Africa isn’t exactly huge but it is extremely loyal. Lovers of this style of music tend to be insanely dedicated and go out of their way to support local music. I think this goes hand in hand with the fact that this is, generally speaking, music you make because you honestly love it. Not so much for the money etc.

6. You would obviously be marketing your upcoming album by means of touring after the release. When can we expect a national tour supporting the album?

Justin: Absolutely! We plan to be on the road in a meaningful way straight after the release in July 2018.

7. Both of you come from a deep music background and have settled well in the music scene so far. What do you think makes the combination of you two work so well and makes it stay glued?

Jason: I think the fact that we both want the same thing from this project is what makes it work so well. We both just want to make music that we enjoy playing. You can’t really go wrong that way.


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