Brewing Coffee with Mobbing Bali

“Do you still start your day with two sugars in your tea?”

The lyrics of the pre-chorus of Cape Tonian band Mobbing Bali features in their brand new song
called Coffee and is met with a modern-ish break into a double upstroke of a solid guitar tone giving
you quite a Two Door Cinema Club vibe and what follows right after that thought is how similar the
vocals are as well to the latter mentioned.

That’s a lot to analyze in one sentence alone, but come to think of it there’s a massive load going on
in this brand new tune. Right behind the above mentioned piece of catchy word structure, follows a
trippy chorus stating the urge for the opposite beverage… Coffee! Suddenly the tempo picks up and
dashes alongside a prominent drum beat and this is how ‘trippy’ becomes ‘road trippy’.

Directed by Dylan Vermaak, the music video sets the idea of a woman vastly dating four different
men in search of her next boyfriend, though I’d love to rather say ‘prey’. She ultimately starts playing
them and the four guys decide to start a band and right her a song, Coffee.

Warren, Kenric, Jared and Matt portrays the four blokes in the video and they can thank their arses
for this vicious woman coz the came out with a leka tune! If you’re a fan of the late 2000’s indie
scene, that broodingly boasted in quite some success back then, this will be worth a listen at least
two times a day.


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