Oddo Bam Releases New Single “Dust”



It is always such an inspiring epiphany to discover amazing creativity and talent! As an old Bloemfonteiner, talented singer/songwriter Oddo Bam, is “driven by a commitment towards creating a thoughtful and meaningful brand of music.” He left Bloem a while back to start his music career in Stellenbosch.

In October 2016, Oddo Bam released his debut album, The Fox and the Furrow, which contains 12 inspiring songs that tell the story of a man who wakes up in the morning and decides to sell all he has. “It’s a story full of tracks, autumn leaves, fragrant soil and birds whistling migration songs,” said Oddo. Today, about two years after the release of his debut album, this Stellenbosch singer-songwriter has re-emerged with a brand-new single titled DustLyrically-wise the song is very well put and enlightened in a mesmerizing way. The song is recorded at ASE in Cape Town. According to Bam the stormy and ever-contested Mother City is the most fitted place to have recorded this new single because it can be described as a more restless song.

Bam describes the theme of his new single as the following: “Dust is a sort of duel, between who we are and who we should be. We all wrestle with ourselves, and come out second best. Humanity has always fallen short. That’s the story of each of the verses of the song, but the chorus tells a different story. A story of selfless love overcoming even death. Although most of the song documents a battle where the two opponents seem in a dead-lock, the bridge breaks through with an ultimate victory of joy over sorrow, life over death”.

Dust is available on all major platforms from today!

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