Proe’toria presents Roan Ash

Roan Ash
Roan Ash

What a better way to kick off spring with a combination of good music, appetizing food and a chilling vibe. Proe’toria Festival is back on the 31st of August and will be bigger and better than ever before.

One of the acts at the fest  we are really excited about is the popular Roan Ash. As a passionate singer-songwriter from Pretoria, his name is on everyone’s lips since the release of his debut single If I ever saw Heaven  in 2018. From there on, we couldn’t get enough of his humble melodies and lyrics.

We had a very quick interview with him ahead of the Proe’toria Fest!

1. How does a show in your hometown (Pretoria) compare to doing a show in another town?
I love my hometown. Pretoria has always being good to me, but walking up on stage in another town having the crowd singing along your own songs is a great experience.

2. After the success of your debut album Whiskey to my soul, when can fans expect another album?
There is still a lot of music in me, you can definitely expect a lot of new material soon.

3. What inspires you to write music?
Experiences, relationships as well as struggles and sometimes I want to inspire.

4. When did you know that you wanted to be a musician?
I’ve always wanted to be a musician it is a big part of who I am.

5. What was the lyrical influence of If I Ever Saw Heaven?
If I ever saw Heaven was inspired by the chords. The melody was written first & the lyrics told the story the music wanted to tell.

6. How did you learn to play the guitar?
I got my first guitar when | was 13. My sister taught me the first couple of chords.

7. What festival would you love to play the most?
The Stagecoach in California.

8. Proe’toria is about coming together as South Africans and enjoy being South African. What does being South African mean to you?
I use to think the world out there has so much to offer, but after traveling abroad I realised South Africa has so much to offer. A beautiful diverse culture of music, art, nature and people.

Five Quick Questions:

1. Do you actually drink whiskey? :) 
2. If you could meet Bruce Springsteen, what would you say to him?
I would like to ask him if there is anything he would have done differently and why he’d say so. 

3. If you can choose any artists in the world to collaborate with, who would it be?
Chris Stapleton. I love what he does. 

4. Which instrument would you like to play?
5. What is your favourite festival food? (That you would buy at Proe’toria?)
Does Take Away coffee count as food? 

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