RusHour Live at Chicago

28514699_1685316554890804_1162338845963935853_oWhat a classic way to end a busy week and start off a new month, sitting with an ice cold beer and enjoying some fiery pizza that just got out of the wood fire brick oven. And the best of it all… singing along to your favorite classic songs!

Last night at Chicago Lounge and Bar, I experience the latter and even more. I experience a tingling sensation of nostalgia going through the back of my head, remembering the songs we used to sing in my mother’s living room… The proud local Bloemfontein band, Rushour, takes you back to a place where everything was better and felt easier to adhere to.

Rushour consist of talent, charm and craftsmanship namely Chris Kaplen on lead guitar and vocals, Derick Malherbe on keybords and vocals, Andre Small on drums and vocals, Max Theron on bass and Paul Wege as the lead vocalist. The five piece present themselves as a cover band, mostly covering rock songs of the 50’s up until the 90’s. I was mesmerized by their musical skills and watertight performance kept consistent throughout the evening. Paul Wege really nailed it with his vocals, and with a 80’s song like Purple Rain or Robbie Williams’s Feel of the 90’s, Paul seems nothing remotely close to being estranged. Apart from that, for me, it was one of the best diverse cover bands I have ever heard.

It is always exciting to see experienced musicians like these guys of Rushour playing their hearts out and enjoying every single minute of it. They can surely teach the young blokes a lesson or two!!

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