Snorting Lines with The Steezies

The Steezies_photo by Zoe CornellMusic has become somewhat of a broader and wider aspect in terms of genres and the specifications as well as sub-categories of these groups, branches and stems that we particularly place them in. Not only in retrospect, but in the whole of the Universe’s aggregation and existence, music really is broader and wider than our understanding and therefore there is no real genre per se that we can ‘place’ any kind of music in, is there really?

Yes we do, and can rightfully group certain styles, although music stays music. It does what it does… and that is that it makes us feel alive and it makes us live.

With all of that being said, it makes my life a lot easier by not trying to find, nor think out or create a genre for The Steezies because they truly sound as unique as using corn derivatives for making electrical batteries… the sources are ancient, but the abilities and ideas are fresh and new.

Cape Town based band, The Steezies pretty much made it their untiring and consistent objective to not be classified into a category, but rather in their own words they feel it’s an attitude and it goes without having to say what that attitude is. Their debut EP titled Snorting Lines of Turmeric speaks for itself and more so does their presence, presentation of themselves, and differentiation from anything else. It’s quite an easy vibe to notice in the music video for Mina which was directed by Herman Du Toit and that’s making it worth the watch.

Get Along qualifies as my favourite track on an EP filled with flavour as tasteful as a fruit market while boasting with clappiness and dancing vocal riffs that dives into a lingual diversity. The track itself almost sums up this fun record as a whole, but listening to this EP will most definitely make your day and throwing in a bonus… even your rightfully deserved long weekend guaranteed!

Vocalist George Kirkinis explains on Balcony TV how their track Tshisa Nyama is about vegetarian sausages amongst other meanings and it kind of takes you back to a post-Simon & Garfunkel Paul Simon while being in the midst of a beautiful sunshiny African day. It makes me want to live edgy and hash tag that…. yes!  #GoodLife!

You can find Snorting Lines of Turmeric on ALL digital music platforms across the globe.

Also be sure to check out the crazy music video for Mina right here:



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