Van Pletzen: Kak Lekke Vibe

unnamedDo you remember pop? Proper pop… like POPcorn, lolliPOP, Snap Crackle & POP sort of pop, or the ‘pop’ in po-po. Either of these will give you a faint idea what proper 80’s and 90’s pop was like,  except for the latter as it follows suit to certain controversial substances. But hey! Not so far from POP after all!

Dress up in a quirky pair of 80’s baggy pants, add just a sniff of 90’s vibe (or should I rather say vaaab) and then mix an enormous dropped down bass-drive with sprinkled Electronic Dance Music all over and you have yourself a Kak Lekke Vibe! Yes, and I quote… Kak Lekke Vibe. Van Pletzen is the name of the brand new duo formed by the hands of Mr. Peach Van Pletzen who’s name will ring a bell if you know the group Bittereinder, or he might just ring your bell himself by the bass-lines that really ‘bliksems’ hard!

Another quote I might add modestly… no foul play here. The second addition to the group, and in no particular order at all as this man comes with addictive analogically as well as cyber actively thought out masterminded riffs, is Mr. Matthieu Auriacombe, quite a mouthful which is almost like a mouth full of NIK NAX, which is also the name that’s preferred by the instrumentalist figure of the band. Mr. Auriacombe’s previous project is no strange one as Hello Beautiful is a familiar name in the South African indie culture.

In their debut album you hear a diverse sound of something that almost sounds like a keytar which you can easily imagine Nik Nax playing while he wears a beach shirt on the beach, which he actually does wear in the hilarious green screen animated music video of Eiland Styl. Then suddenly what sounds like a piccolo emerges from somewhere in the album so subtly that I can’t remember the song name but then again broad enough for me to mention. Maybe it’s just because it features in the music video somewhere. I must have been mesmerized by the eye wear that seems like an internal trend and I quickly find myself wanting in on it.

Peach explains that in modern society we should find our inner child and not forget to have fun in life. In the opening track of the album it’s well understood that the idea of Van Pletzen is to have buckets and buckets of good fun as Peach motivates his lyrics “dans saam al lyk jy sarkasties”. It’s also of utmost importance that Van Pletzen is no solo project.

Peach enjoys full stage attention throughout the album lyrically-wise and it’s cheesily hilarious and fun to grab onto as you work through the album. Being intensively strained while listening to the ten-track record, is an absolute no-go as you’re truly just invited to succumb to what is being offered, and that’s some good fun and wacky words about how to extract inspiration and recreation from all non-harmful things! It’s lovely really!

That being said it goes without doubt, my highlight track would be ZaberflutenLiefde Maak is filled and featured by Early B who graces the record four times with melodic rap sessions that gives a whole new dimension of intricacy and diversity. Last but definitely not least, Goud is a way ropped-down bass infected song that’s accompanied with a music video boasting in so many parodies that you start wondering if it’s purposed or not!

Go check out the music video on the link below! 

Also check out the brand new album Kak Lekke Vibe that was released on the 23 rd of March worldwide. 

Van Pletzen can be seen performing at this year’s LUSH Festival and I for one is super stoked for their performance.

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